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Pre-Approved vs. Pre-Qualified

Get Pre-Approved at CBC National Bank and Eliminate Surprises!

CBC National Bank works hard to make sure your new home purchase goes smoothly and closes on time. So we will do the work up front, before you have a contract. Many banks are happy to give you a pre-qualification letter. This just means that based on the unverified information on your mortgage application, you appear to qualify for your new home purchase. At CBC, I will not only get you pre-qualified, I'll take the next step, gather some income and asset documentation from you, send you to underwriting and get a commitment to lend from underwriting. Now all you need is a contract and we can generally get you closed in 10-15 days after receiving your contract. No surprises and Realtors and Sellers love working with buyers that are pre-approved as to only pre-qualified. Please contact me for more details or to get your questions answered. I am happy to help and there is no cost or obligation! Maybe this is just one reason why Lending Tree ranked us # 1 in "Total Customer Satisaction" in the 4th Quarter of 2018.

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