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Three Nifty Mortgage Calculators

Before you contact me, use one or more of these calculators to see how much money you can save. On your cell phone? For best viewing, turn your phone sideways to use the calculators.

1. Rent vs Buy Calculator - Easy to use and calculates the cost of continuing to rent vs the cost of buying a new home and staying there over a time frame of your choice.

2. Debt Consolidation Calculator - Just enter the debts with their payments that you want to pay off and see how much you can save with a debt consolidation loan. Then use the extra calculator at the bottom of the page to see how fast you can pay off your new mortgage using some or all of your savings!

3. Is it the right time for a rate/term refinance? - Grab your most recent mortgage statement and enter your current information then compare it to your new mortgage option. See how much you'll save monthly and over the life of the loan.

Then call me and let's get started saving you money. I'm available after hours and on weekends. Visit this page to see your options to get a rate quote without cost or obligation!

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